Building a house doesn’t need to be a stressful or time-consuming process. We’ve taken the stress out by already thinking about the crucial factors that have a massive impact on your home’s comfort. We know it can be the small details that ensure your new home is ready for a comfortable lifestyle as soon as you walk through the door.

With our house and land packages, Kenepuru Homes have made the big decisions for you. That way, you can be confident you’re getting a warm, healthy, and efficient home. We build using only high-quality materials from reputable suppliers. It’s these details that set Kenepuru Homes apart from the rest. 

Strong foundations

Strong foundations
We start as we mean to continue – by getting the foundation right. We achieve this by using use raft foundations, that are warmer and perform better in earthquakes than a traditional foundation. We understand the current NZ climate and our designers create each Kenepuru home with warmth and longevity in mind. 

A warm and healthier home

One of the leading causes of dampness in a home is the shower. Even with dehumidifiers or extractor fans in modern homes, steam still occurs on the mirrors, ceilings, and windows. This moisture creates a breeding ground for bacteria. All our homes come standard with shower domes fitted to the showers to reduce the dampness and create a healthier home for your family, especially those little ones. A warm home is a safe and comfortable home, and we do not compromise on this. Your new Kenepuru home will come with a heat pump, that is the standard. 

Never complain about a cold shower again

There is nothing worse than having the hot water run out, which can quite often happen after everyone has showered, and you have washed the dishes and done the laundry. With a Kenepuru home, you will have no more arguments over hot water. To create a more convenient system, we include gas hot water heating in all our homes where mains gas is available. Gas hot water heaters heat the water instantaneously for a continuous flow of piping-hot water. 

Smart-home ready

Kenepuru homes come fibre-ready, with a data outlet in both the lounge and master bedroom. As part of the build process, we arrange a consultation with our electrician so that you can finalise all your data, electrical, and smart-home appliance requirements. We want you to be a part of the process fully and be in the know. 

Always stay in the loop

You’ll have 24-hour access to our online scheduling system, so you can easily keep track of the progress of your home. You can see and monitor your home’s construction schedule and communicate directly with us. You will be a part of the process, fully informed at every stage. It’s a partnership between us to create your dream home. 

The full package

Our home-packages include the works; land, home, heating, carefully considered exterior colours, paving, fencing, and a fully landscaped section. Everything you could wish for is included in your new Kenepuru home. Display homes have all of this, so why wouldn’t yours? All you need to do is organise window coverings, your furniture, and then move in! We make it easy.